Should I Use Email Hosting For My New Domain?
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Should I Use Email Hosting For My New Domain?

“I already have a free Gmail account, do I really need an email that matches my new website’s domain? Does it even matter?”

Yes. It does.

75% of customers say “email from a company’s custom domain makes the business feel more trustworthy.” (Small Business Trends) Besides building credibility with your leads and clients, here’s why it’s best to opt-in for email hosting when you create a new website.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service that allows you to create and manage email accounts associated with your domain name. That means when you send an email on behalf of your business or domain, it will end with @yourdomain as opposed to @gmail or @yahoo.

With email hosting, you usually have access to more features and flexibility than free email services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

More Customizability

Let’s say your domain name is “” If you used a free email service like Gmail, your email would more than likely be “yourdomain@gmail.”

That’s not a terrible email address.

But if you used your domain provider’s email hosting service, you can easily customize your email address. You can even have multiple, customized email addresses all under the same domain.

For example:,,, etc.

They don’t even compare.

Have a personalized email address with your domain, it adds so much more professionalism and legitimacy. And when you’re a new business, you need any edge you can.

More Security

Email hosting also typically includes more robust security features than free email services.

You can expect to see better spam filtering, virus scanning, and encryption, which can protect your business from email-based threats. Email security can not only protect your content from accidental loss, but it can also protect against unauthorized access like hacking, phishing, scams, and malicious malware.

What’s worse than discovering your customers have blocked all your emails because someone hacked your address and sent spam emails from them!

Email hosting is pretty essential for establishing and maintaining your customers’ trust, as well as protecting their personal information shared with you via email. 

Is Email Hosting Right for You?

Having an email host may not be necessary for every website.

If your website is more of a personal blog and you don’t immediately plan on emailing other people or businesses on behalf of your website, you may not need email hosting. In that case, Gmail or Yahoo Mail will work great.

However, if you plan on contacting individuals or businesses on behalf of your website (in any capacity), you should seriously consider email hosting.

Depending on which domain provider or email provider you choose, you can choose a plan that will meet your emailing needs. Be sure to consider:

  • The capacity of emails you’ll be sending and receiving
  • The amount of email addresses you’ll need
  • How many people or users will need access to the email host

The more emails, email addresses and users, the more costly your email hosting plan will be, so keep that in mind when coming up with a budget.

Email Hosting With DomainSpot

To make your decision-making easier, when you create a website with DomainSpot, we only have one Email Plan for $5/month. With our Email Plan, you get 5 email mailboxes (5 different addresses) with 5GB per mailbox and 5 email forwards.

Setting up webmail and domain emails can get complicated fairly quickly. But DomainSpot’s email hosting is intentionally designed to make launching your domain email as easy as possible.

When you purchase a domain with DomainSpot, you can set up email forwarding from your new domain email address to your private email address, in just one click.

DomainSpot’s email hosting also makes setting up your independent webmail for your domain email exceptionally simple and straightforward. DomainSpot’s domains, email hosting, and web builder give everything you need to quickly purchase a domain and start communicating with your audience, no technical experience required!

Say goodbye to decision fatigue. We made it as easy as possible for you. And super budget-friendly, too.

Plus, if you want access to our Web Builder, you can use our Email & Website Plan for only $8.99/month.

That’s what we in the domain business call a “No Brainer.”

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