What You Need to Know About Domain Forwarding

“When people enter my domain name, sometimes they enter a typo, which takes them to a different site! What should I do?” “It sounded clever at the time but now it’s just too complicated for people to remember and find quickly!” “I have a free blog site I want to share with people, but I […]

7 mins read

What is an SSL Certificate and Do You Need One?

Doing any amount of research on creating a website, you’ll likely come across a few three-letter acronyms, followed by little to no information on the significance or meaning of those three letters. What three letters are we talking about? WWW? AOL? BRB? None of those. We’re talking about SSL certificates. And no, we’re not talking […]

4 mins read

Quick! Get Your New Brand Online Fast!

“How do I get my brand online, fast?” With technology advancing into virtually every sphere of culture and society, establishing an online presence for your brand is essential.  Whether you’re a creative, startup, consultant, solopreneur or an established business, getting your brand online can help you reach a wider audience, improve your credibility, and increase […]

12 mins read

Should I Use Email Hosting For My New Domain?

“I already have a free Gmail account, do I really need an email that matches my new website’s domain? Does it even matter?” Yes. It does. 75% of customers say “email from a company’s custom domain makes the business feel more trustworthy.” (Small Business Trends) Besides building credibility with your leads and clients, here’s why […]

4 mins read

What to Do After Buying a Domain

Congratulations! You just bought your first domain. (Hopefully from DomainSpot 👀) But that’s just the start to creating a beautiful, successful website. What should you do now? Here are your first 3 steps to get your new domain up and running. Choose a Website Template With Your Web Host More than likely, the company you […]

4 mins read